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Small business beware! This company had a sales rep meet with me to try and sell me on a whole host of products for advertising my business. I wouldn't budge on anything, especially internet related, because I am very well positioned online. But, he did sell me on signing up for 1 year of print phone book Yellow Pages where I would only have to pay if a prospect called me, called Pay Per Call.

I figured that the $13-$16 per call would be worth it because if they called, I'd have a very good chance of converting it into business that would pay for that cost. Here's what you don't realize and how they get you...98% of your calls will be "unknown" wrong numbers, or telemarketers calling you where you'll have 0% chance of business but YP will get paid 100% from you. YP makes a ton of money and you don' fact, you end up having to pay a ton of money for absolutely nothing in return. It's a complete scam and I think they might even be behind a lot of the unknown numbers calling...if they even just did this once or twice a month for every number in the phone book, they'd make a fortune...I'm sure they do it way more often than that and you can't prove it's not them.

They don't work with you and they force you to pay for the non-business phone calls from telemarketers and unknown numbers. You also get a lot of calls from people asking you for referrals to other types of businesses...some in which your business isn't even remotely related to. You can't possibly know these are almost the only calls you'll receive before you sign up...and you have to pay for all of these calls that do nothing for your business!

Don't let yourself get sucked into this fraudulent scam like I did in Orlando, FL. I am looking at joining a class action lawsuit against Yellow Pages.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Had a similar experience. I used the pay per call service and it worked good for about two years since they only allowed calls in from my local area code.

Then I needed to make a change to my ad and to cancel one of my listings. Thereafter YP raised my rates and removed the filter on my account. Telemarketers and scam artist galore were calling me and I was paying over $20 per call. They refused to fix the issue and would not cancel my ads.

They even renewed the ads at higher rate telling me that I had to send a registered letter to prevent my ads from being renewed even though they had said over the phone they would be cancelled. I stopped paying the high bills and they started the collection calls six days a week before turning me over to a collection agency.

Maryland Heights, Missouri, United States #935250

I am sorry that you are dissatisfied with your YP experience and would like an opportunity to address your concerns. Please contact us at with your account information and a good contact phone number and I will be happy to assist you. Respectfully, YP Exec Team

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